Infrastructure Investment in Africa: Unleashing the Continent’s Potential

The development of infrastructure in Africa requires private public partnerships. Such projects need a strong financial backing due to the fact that the government often only comes in with regulatory support. It is vital to analyse risks involved in the development and operation phases for the entire concession period.

The development of infrastructure in Africa should be generational. However, such projects require patient capital that is not pegged on check lists and concerns of quick return on investments.


Amyn Mussa, Anjarwalla & Khanna


  1. Adesegun Akin Olugbade OFR, Africa Finance Corporation
  2. Carlo von Wageningen, Lake Turkana Wind Power
  3. James Mworia, Centum
  4. Kevin Kariuki, Industrial Promotion Services (K) Ltd.
  5. Mark De Sario, Investibridge
  6. Romain Py, AIIM

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