The Leading Women Series was launched on International Women’s Day in Nairobi in 2018 as a platform for leading women to gather and share unique insights relevant to their experience, including their views and ideas on issues affecting women empowerment. ALN aims to foster an environment in which like-minded women can share their views, learn from others’ personal lessons and evaluate the status of gender equality on the continent.

Having been extremely well-received, ALN has hosted more Leading Women events. One of it was the Leading Women Luncheon at the ALN Africa Investment Conference 2018, which addressed the challenges and opportunities that women face in their journey to leadership.

As a complement of these exclusive networking soirees, the below Opinions section includes particular opinion from women from across different sectors related to gender equality that can give important insights on how gender studies are currently being addressed as well as on how women are participating in the African dynamic business environment.

Events & Insights