BRICS, AU Share Common Interests–Kagame

President Paul Kagame has explained the reason behind the partnership between the leading emerging economies grouped under BRICS and the African Union (AU) which he represents as current chairperson. Kagame arrived in South Africa on July 26 for BRICS Africa summit which brings together lead countries in emerging economies-Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS).

The President shared a number of points that show the relevancy of BRICS members partnership and its cooperation with Africa as a whole.

“First, we have a common interest in an open and fair international system,” he said.

“Second, strengthening cooperation with BRICS contributes to medium and long-term human security and wider benefits, especially employment, for Africa’s young population.”

Indeed, BRICS’ goals have a correlation with the need of the African Union which president Kagame represents today as chairperson. Thus, this gives Africa a reason for seeking partnership with BRICS members on specific areas.
Kagame inspects a guard of honor at BRICS

“We want to collaborate on key sectors, including industrialization, infrastructure, as well as peace and security which are at the heart of the African Union’s Agenda 2063,” Kagame said.

The president perceives continued investments in new technologies, as defined in the Fourth Industrial Revolution as a tool which provides unlimited opportunities to realise our common aspirations.

“Indeed, industrialisation makes more sense when we factor in technology. For Africa, the challenge is to ensure that the current momentum is not lost to us, but rather maintained and even increased,” he said.

The third important point is the newly launched African Continental Free Trade Area which Kagame sees as a tool “set to change, in positive and far-reaching ways, how Africa does business with itself, and the rest of the world.”
President Paul Kagame(Left)João Lourenço of Angola.

The above-mentioned points allowed President Kagame to conclude that there is a convergence of interest between BRICS country members and Africa, thus the need to strengthen cooperation through increased dialogue and active engagement. On the sideline of the BRICS summit, President Kagame met with President João Lourenço of Angola among other dignitaries.


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