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About the Conference

The ALN Africa Investment Conference is considered one of the leading Africa-focused investment conferences. Its main objectives are to spur investment, connect investors to players on the ground, promote Africa and provide a space for dialogue on critical commercial and policy topics for the continent’s development.

The Conference attracts selected high level delegates from Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the Americas serving as an effective forum to connect leading private and policy leaders, investors, stakeholders and industry players and promoting commercial and policy partnerships.

2020 Enquiries

Mozambique: AFDB signs USD 20 billion Mozambique LNG loan

The African Development Bank has signed a USD 400 million loan to co-finance Mozambique’s LNG Area 1 Project which is ranked as Africa’s largest foreign direct investment, estimated to cost over USD 20 billion.

Rwanda: African Development Bank commits USD 98 million for COVID-19 response

The AfDB has approved a USD 98 million loan to strengthen Rwanda’s health system to contain the spread of COVID-19, safeguard economic resilience, and mitigate the pandemic’s impact on vulnerable sectors of the population.

Africa as a Land of Opportunity: Another Scramble?

The closing panel explored some of the issues that arise from the involvement of foreign players in Africa, including how African ...

Opening Africa Up for Business: A Realistic Vision?

The opening presentation addressed the enormous potential that Africa holds due to its rapidly growing youth population as well ...

Africa at a Glance

Africa has made significant strides on improving its business landscape, an indication of the continent’s steady growth and macroeconomic stability. Africa’s GDP growth is expected to accelerate t ...

Africa’s Trade and Economic Organisations

Highlights: With 16 landlocked countries, Africa is more fragmented than any other continent. A borderless Africa can bring a competitive continental market, offer economies of scale for investors, cr ...